Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a cost-effective solution to making your living space more comfortable in the summer months.

RLP will install your ceiling fan, so that you can make the most of your surroundings. Whether you are looking to add a feature to your living room, save money or cool down, ceiling fans are a popular addition to homes and businesses.

  • Cooling in Summer Months – Ceiling fans create a cooling effect during summer. Ceiling fans don’t actually reduce the temperature in the room, the counter-clockwise rotating ceiling fan blades simply create a breeze effect through the evaporation of moisture on the skin. This breeze effect can make room temperature feel several degrees cooler in the summer, reducing the need for expensive air conditioning.
  • Warming in Winter Months – There are also benefits of ceiling fan use during the winter. Ceiling fans can actually increase the temperature of the room by rotating its blades clockwise. Warm air naturally rises. This clockwise motion therefore forces warm air from the ceiling to return down to the living area. As the room temperature rises, you can save money on your electricity bills by adjusting your thermostat to a lower setting to save on heating.
  • Affordability – Ceiling fans are a low-cost solution to your heat and cooling needs. From just several cents a day, you could be saving dollars.
  • Energy Efficiency – Ceiling fans reduce the need for excessive air-conditioning, thus saving the environment from more harm and saving your electricity bills from soaring in the summer months.

Why Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling fans are a cheap and effective way of cooling your home. The ceilings fans on the market today give you a range of styles, colours and sizes to suit any home or business. Ceilings fans can also be installed with remote controls eliminating the need for extra electrical wiring and therefore keeping installation costs down. With rising electricity costs and concerns over climate change, compared to air conditioning, ceiling fans use far less energy and are far cheaper to run.

A correctly installed ceiling fan is the perfect, cost effective solution to heat or cool your room. Whether you use it instead of, or to aid your air conditioner, the results will be satisfying.

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