Exhaust Fans

Expel humid air and reduce moisture in your home with an exhaust fan.

Where To Install an Exhaust Fan?

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the correct location to install an exhaust fan. If you need help, please contact us and we’ll show you where the most effective place for your exhaust fan installation.

Kitchens, Bathrooms or anywhere steam, moisture and cooking fumes are present, an exhaust fan is a good way to prevent damage and mould build up from occurring.

An Exhaust Fan removes air from a room, so to work efficiently it needs to draw fresh air into the space, through a window or vent.

How Exhaust Fans Work

Bathrooms are the rooms to gain the most from a good quality, properly installed exhaust fan. Steam and condensation feed the growth of mold in bathroom walls, ceilings, corners and crevices, damaging paint and walls.

A variety of bacteria also enjoy these conditions and can thrive in bathrooms.

Exhaust Fans will expel this moist air and steam to prevent mirrors fogging and the range of condensation problems.

A three in one bathroom combination unit providing light and heat, plus the exhaust fan is a popular addition for your bathroom with all the benefits of an exhaust fan, with the convenience of light and heating globes to keep you warm in winter.

Laundries also have the steam and humidity from washing machines and clothes dryers to clear away.

These usually compact rooms are often closed up for security reasons while the washers and dryers are working through long cycles, so without good ventilation every surface is soon covered in condensation.

Properly positioned exhaust fans are the best way to get rid of the humid air before condensing in the laundry or adjoining rooms.

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