LED Lights

Lower your energy usage and opt for LED lights.

Why LED Lights?

Light-emitting diodes or LED‘s as there commonly known have many advantages over incandescent light sources (common light bulbs) including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, smaller size, and faster switching. LEDs powerful enough for room lighting remain slightly more expensive than compact fluorescent lamp sources of comparable output, however, they are significantly more energy efficient and have less environmental concerns linked to their disposal. Since its rise to prominence, LED technology has quickly integrated with almost every rung of the lighting industry, and LED alternatives to nearly every light bulb design are now available.

Ever since the advent of the incandescent light bulb, the standard for defining a bulb’s brightness has actually been a unit of power – the Watt. This was based on the assumption that a bulb’s consumption was roughly proportionate to its output. However, LED light bulbs and low energy technologies in recent years have completely changed this. Today, a 6W LED can produce the same level of brightness as a 60W filament bulb.

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