Custom Feature Lights and Pendant Lights

Learn more about how we can work with you to customise lighting for your home or office.

At Rise Light and Power we can work with you to help you design your own custom made lights. From floor lamps and pendant lights to personalised lighting boxes for any occasion.

Upgrade your home with:

  • Pendant Lights
  • Bedside Pendant Lights
  • Floor Lamps

With the range of products available in designer lighting you can mix and match any number of options to design a feature lighting piece for your home or business today.

  • Choose a cable – The variety of colours available in flexible cloth cables today is massive. Choosing a cable colour to match other interior design elements in your home is a good starting point
  • Choose a globe – LED/Compact Fluro, size, shape, colour
  • Choose a shade – Glass, Metal, Cage, half/full, timber
  • Choose a lamp holder- a designer lamp holder with a bare globe can often be the best option
  • Choose a base for a lamp
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