Outdoor Lighting

Work with a lighting designer to enhance your outdoor entertainment area.

Add ambience to your outdoor entertaining area and garden with any number of lighting options provided by RLP. There is a massive range of outdoor lighting on the market today to suit all needs.  Whether its bollard lights to line a driveway/walkway, feature lights to highlight plants, sculptures or water features or flood/spotlights to light up your whole garden for entertaining. RLP can work with you to design and install lights to brighten up your garden today.

Outdoor lighting installations add beauty and value to your home or commercial location, as well as increased safety. Well-lit properties are less likely to attract intruders because it exposes the criminal to being seen by others.

We want to help you feel safe and secure in your home or place of business. That’s why we work with you to find the best possible outdoor security lighting solution, so that it suits your property, because every property is different.

There are several types of outdoor lighting, each come in different styles and designs.

Get in touch with RLP today if you require assistance with any of the following:

  • LED lighting – Huge range of low energy LED down lights, up lights, floodlights, wall lights, bollard lights
  • Verandahs and Pergolas – Lighten up your entertaining area for friends and family!
  • Paths and driveways– See where you’re going while highlighting landscaping or building features and create a welcoming entrance to your property
  • Floodlights –Showcase architectural or garden elements
  • Landscape and Garden Lighting – Low voltage lighting which adds value and enjoyment to your property – whilst keeping electricity costs down
  • Motion detector entry and safety lighting – Light your entry areas such as front doors, pathways and garage doors for safety and security.
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